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Treatment Philosophy

The human body is remarkably adaptable. However, as one experiences stresses and injuries, the body unconsciously compensates and accumulates restrictions. Over time, one becomes less able to accommodate to changing conditions. When the ability of the body to adapt is overwhelmed, one may experience injury and /or pain. Also under excessive physical or emotional stress, the nervous system may become hypervigilant which can magnify the pain experience.

The visceral system relies on the interconnected synchronicity between the motions of all the organs and structures of the body. At optimal health, this harmonious relationship remains stable; but when an organ cannot move in harmony with its neighbouring structures, the body works against itself creating chronic irritation, ultimately paving the way for musculoskeletal dysfunction, postural distortion, pain and disease.

In my practice, I combine the specific delicate techniques of Visceral Therapy with the gentle touch of the CranioSacral approach to help restore the body to a state of flexibility and adaptability so it can once more function with ease in a changing environment. For example, good posture should be state of ease. However one often sees people struggling to maintain upright posture because they are fighting the restrictions within their own tissues. Visceral and CranioSacral Therapy both work to release restrictions in the fascial and musculoskeletal systems and to calm the nervous system so that clients can attain better posture more easily. Appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises may be given as required.

Clients should also take away an increased awareness of where they habitually hold tension in their body, how it affects the whole organism and techniques to maintain a more easeful state.

A Treatment Session

After the appropriate assessment, you will lie in loose comfortable clothing on a treatment table in a quiet private space and experience the light compassionate touch of the therapist’s hands on key points throughout your body.

Using these wonderfully gentle, yet surprisingly powerful therapies, the therapist “listens” via the hands for restrictions in the tissues. Easing into the tissues, the therapist’s hands assist the innate healing intelligence of your body to encourage the tissues to return to a state of balance, space and mobility. As well as releasing the body’s tensions, this frees the energy which the body was previously using to hold itself in contraction, resulting in a feeling of increased vitality. You may feel a sense of deep relaxation and possibly become aware of heat, tingling, pulsations or other sensations. Your body will set the pace of the work so you will remain in control and be able to integrate the changes that occur during a session.

For best results, it is recommended that you spend a few hours after a treatment session in a quiet calm environment, drink plenty of water and not engage in vigorous physical activity.

While many note immediate benefits after one treatment, others find it can take a few sessions to become accustomed to what they are feeling. Usually a series of treatments is required to address the accumulated compensations such that the pain is not recurrent. Many find it is beneficial to schedule regular treatments (e.g. every 4-6 weeks) to maintain balance and well-being.

Covered by most extended health care plans. For more detailed information on Visceral Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy, and the conditions for which they are indicated, please see &

Pamela Holmes, B. Sc. P.T.

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto B.Sc. in Physiotherapy (1985) and worked for several years in out patient orthopedics at the Therapies Department of the Whitehorse General Hospital. I was introduced to CranioSacral Therapy in 1996 and was particularly impressed with the clinical results with my clients that had more complex and chronic problems.

I began my private practice, Prime Meridian Physiotherapy, in 1998, to allow me to work with clients one on one in a quiet, confidential and respectful environment incorporating these new techniques. Since that time I have taken further CranioSacral courses with the Upledger Institute and continue to follow the Visceral Therapy curriculum of the Barral Institute. Through this ongoing education and the hands-on listening skills which are a primary means of assessment, I continue to learn about the fascinating interconnections within the human body and how to assist the tissues to return to a natural state of balance, space and health.

My personal interest in yoga, meditation and energy work also informs my practice.

“As we lighten our touch and listen to the wisdom of the body. a whole new world of subtle rhythms and forces reveals itself.”

Tackling Pain

For people with persistent pain

No class currently scheduled.  Please contact me if you are interested.

This introductory workshop will include a presentation (see Rethinking Pain description below) to help you understand what happens in  your body and nervous system when pain persists.  We will also do some very gentle yoga to give you practical physical experience in how you can gain control over some of the factors involved in pain persisting.  As well you will begin to uncover your DIMs(Danger In Me) and SIMs(Safety In Me) from Butler and Moseley’s approach to help find the  avenue that works best for you to take charge.

Rethinking Pain

For people with persistent/chronic pain

With Pamela Holmes, B.Sc.P.T.

Based on the work of Neil Pearson (Physiotherapist and Yoga Therapist) with people with chronic pain and his “Optimistic Scientific Model of Recovery”. This 1.5 talk integrates the latest research on pain science into practical techniques giving you new tools and understanding to change your pain.  Just learning more about how pain works has been shown to  decrease people’s experience of pain!  Get neuroplasticity working for you instead of against you.

White Swan Sanctuary, 403 Lowe St , $30 at the door, person with pain can bring a support person for free! Please arrive early so we can start at 7:15

No time currently scheduled, this talk will be part of the Tackling Pain presentation